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A Covenant between the Christian people in Doddinghurst

We rejoice in the spirit of unity between Christians in the village which already exists.

We affirm our desire and intention to develop the corporate life of the family of God to enable what has been achieved so far to be recognised and to promote the life, witness and service of the Church here.

We confirm our faith in God our Father, in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour and in the Holy Spirit who guides us all.  We recognise that there is one Lord, one Faith, one Baptism and one Church to which we variously belong from out historic denominations.

We believe that God calls us to a unity of love, fellowship and service to His Kingdom, His people and His world.

We therefore covenant together to make visible the unity of Christ's people in this village and the district.

We PLEDGE ourselves to pray for each other, to support each other in practical ways in our work, in our witness and in our service within our community, to continue to work for the life and growth of the churches together in this district.

We commit ourselves to the following:
to share in a range of social action in and for our community,
to combine, where suitable, our efforts to help the disadvantaged,
to share in Christian fellowship, study and prayer,
to worship God together in formal and informal acts of worship throughout the year, in full recognition and mutual respect of each other's laws and traditions.

We acknowledge and thank God who has called us to make this Covenant together.     19 May 1991